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I spent my childhood on my family’s vineyard and was constantly surrounded by wide open spaces, shadows, shapes and natural landscape. Nourished by my travels, challenged by architectural constructions and exposed to contemporary creation, I naturally gravitated towards light effects and I knew early on that it would be a keystone in my work.

With a degree in History and Humanities, I have lived in France and in the United States. For the past ten years, I have resided in the Southwest of France and I am fully dedicated to the practice of painting.

I rarely exhibit my work because I save my strength for each new day in my studio. Today, I sell my works in France and abroad. An artist anchored in my time, I feed myself with several influences such as landscapes, contemporary art, street art, fashion and design.

Inspired by kinetic art, I use movement and color to convey my emotions through abstract paintings. Alternating warm and cold tones, people find a sense of movement in my work. This movement can be translated as a desire to remove myself from the process of interpretation in order to give the viewer the autonomy to dream up their own story.

My choice for the abstract allows me to put the viewer at the center of my approach. They can then perceive their own interpretation. I prefer to do this rather than locking them in my own understanding of the world. The freedom of perception of the spectator is the DNA of my work.

The objective is to create an abstraction where color and brush strokes are mixed. I reflect on perception and movement through the choice of colors and specific pigments. I combine abstract and figurative writing. The silhouettes are free figurations. They can represent people, passers-by, the viewer, etc. They are formed by traces of several layers of paint, much like skin.

I use color for its reflection and its ability to catch light. It allows me to play with signs or symbols (what we know) and with emotions (what we feel). It is a link and a reference point between what I see and what I feel through my history, my cultural roots, my travels and my present environment. I mobilize my own imagination and that of my future viewers.

My approach can be summarized as follows: the artist paints and the viewer creates. The incessant passage between the technique and the unspoken results in a contraction of reality or an intellectual and artistic connection. The latter offers up a place in the present and past world, a balance, but also gives distance and a historical awareness.

“Nadine Hardy passionately explores a rich, colorful and geometric universe in which she draws maps and marks out a path. The meticulousness of her gesture and the perfect mastery of the chromatic ranges testify to a will to reappropriate time. This sensitivity is directly linked to her training as a historian. One thinks of Kandinsky, of the kinetic art of Giacomo Balla, but also of the cut-outs of Matisse and the minimalism of Sol LeWitt. The lines and frames become a sensitive language, like a litany inviting us to take the time to look, to escape. Freedom is the engine of her creation. – Andreas Alberti, writer.

I invite the viewer to take a role in the creation to give meaning to the composition. With each glance I wish for the observer to discover a different aspect and to then see the work that ends up enveloping it as a whole.

The search for balance and the creation of the link between art, contemporary architecture and the art offered up to us by nature. In painting and architecture, balance is achieved by the sense of purpose and aesthetics, forms and colors. As for nature, the balance is simple. Look for simplicity and minimalism to understand how nature’s balance is perfect.

"Especially impressed and inspired by the colors, Nadine Hardy creates vivid surfaces decorated with the bright coats of paint. She paints on wooden panels, provoking the effects which painting knife or plastic card have on the smooth surface. Letting the color to guide the whole painting process, she is striving to find the balance between its order and disorder. Hardy is puzzling-colored fields with the attempt to run the emotions. Her large, imaginative compositions reveal the idea of beauty and personal identity, aiming to discover a story behind. When there’s nothing to add or change, the art piece is done.



Answer is in the Understanding of the Color

Working as an independent artist, Hardy studied history and art history in The United States and France. Discovering painting in classes in non-figurative art, she has a passion for art since forever. Using the acrylic paint on a wooden surface, everything starts and ends with the color. With the intention to find harmony walking between order and disorder, she finalizes her search when she sees the viewer’s emotional connection with her painting. The presence of the color force makes the confirmation of the work.


The strong and bright color is the key code for revealing and reading her paintings, being the link and reference point between perception and understanding which always depends on personal experience, heritage and cultural environments. The paint is present in order to challenge the emotion and initiate the quest for aesthetics. It animates the feeling which moves the spirit of creation. For Hardy, abstract painting is a product of her inspiration, visual presentation represented by forms, colors and lines. It is also a connection of reality and intellect with artistic inner being.



Emotions on the Painted Surface

Nadine Hardy’s work express spontaneous, vibrant and unique creation full of energy. She likes to make the parallel between her passing life and permanent painting. Somewhere in the middle she has found the essence of beauty, immortalized by the color. The main components of Hardy’s painting are contained in in every piece of work. With the color having the leadership and emotion coming from it, every aesthetic standard is fulfilled, and the artist is satisfied. Encouraging the viewer to liberate his imagination, those paintings are created to make people to see through the eyes of feelings."


Nadine Hardy lives and works in region of Pau, France."

Biography written by Susan Wang

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